I Hate Poison Ivy

Skin rashes can drive you crazy.  Belive me, I’ve had many of them.  One of the worst things I ever had was turkey mites, where I got bit by and accumulated about a hundred turkey mite bites, but that story will be saved for another day.  The purpose of this site is to give you information and photos of poison ivy.  I’ll be providing you with pictures of itchy poison ivy skin rashes on various parts of the body as well as pictures of various kinds of poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak so you can identify which type of plant you may have come in contact with, or you can use the info to stay away from such plants.

poison ivy

posion ivy skin rash

In my experience it usually takes about a week to ten days for poison ivy to heal up or stop itching, and if you scratch it it could take even longer.  They make lots of medicines to cure the skin rash but I always found that oatmeal soaps helped dry up the poison ivy and soothe the skin, so I highly recommend that as well as any anti-itching ointments you can find.

If you have any personal photos or images of posion ivy please send them to me and we can use those as examples on this website as well.  I hope you find this site useful and helpful.