Places You Are Most Likely to get Poison Ivy

The best way to not get poison ivy skin rashes are to avoid poison ivy in the first place.  Poison ivy can grow most anywhere, but here are some suggestions of places from which you are most likely to come into contact with poison ivy plants.

burning firewood with poison ivy

  • on trees, at the bottom near the roots all the way up to the top of trees, poison ivy vines can grow anywhere on a tree
  • at the edge of the water – most every time I go fishing I see poison ivy plants growing around the rocks down by the bank
  • anywhere in the woods – the woods are full of poison ivy
  • in the yard – yes poison ivy can grow in your own lawn, I often mow over the top of poison ivy plants but I try to make sure the blower is blowing the chopped up plants and juice away from me.  Also, when I weed eat, sometimes the poison ivy juice gets sprayed all over my legs.  That’s why it’s important to wear pants and tall socks when you trim.
  • You can also get poison ivy from clothes that have touched poison ivy plants
  • You can catch poison ivy from touching a dog or other pets that have walked through poison ivy plants.
  • You can also get poison ivy from carrying in wood, and you can even get it from breathing burning firewood that has poison ivy on it.

There are others, but those are the most prominent ways you can come in contact with poison ivy.  Avoid it at all costs, and always wear pants, socks, and even gloves if you’re working around an area with poison ivy plants.